About us

The Fastest Lane is the brainchild of Malick Darbo, a rising talent in the modelling industry.
The Fastest Lane is a London streetwear label, that is based on the rapid advances that we are making as a society, from a technological and social point of view. We are also a brand, that delivers and attaches timeless stories to our clothing so, therefore there is a deeper meaning behind our products.  
Most of our pieces will be very limited and are guaranteed to sell out very fast (pun intended). With that being said, make sure you purchase our items that catch your eye and align with your style, because once it’s sold out you may never see it again. Our goal is to make sure that our customers feel and look amazing in all our pieces. 
We steadily intend on increasing our product roster over the next few years and we hope to be successful enough to open a brick and mortar store in London. In doing so, we aim to branch out across the UK and internationally.